Air Hogs Altitude Video Drone | Read Out In-Depth Review

air hogs altitude video drone review

The Air hogs altitude video drone is a helicopter drone to capture photos and videos. It is a three-channel, gyro-stabilized, and has a built-in camera to take footage.

With the instruction manual, you can set it up very quickly. It consists of four blades and one mini blade in its tail to control the directions. It is very lightweight, and there are not lots of buttons and no assembly required in it.

Not only for taking footage with it. Also, like another camera drone, you can utilize it to perform surveillance missions around your home.


  • Weight: 10.7 ounces
  • Four Bladed
  • One tail blade
  • Crash resident Material Used
  • Recommended Age: 8-10-Year-Old
  • Onboard Memory
  • Required Battery: 3AAA
  • Dimension: 3.75 X 5.75 X 6 inches


With its onboard memory, this drone can stores your photos and videos instantly. In its memory, you can store up to 100 Megabytes of data. However, you cannot do a live stream with it.

Recording and pictures would store in a provided 4GB sd card. To access the data, you have to transfer it onto your computer. With editing software, you can convert your footage to professional-looking movies.


The battery is not included in the pack, so to fly, it requires a 3AAA battery. You can charge the drone with a USB cable, which you will get with the drone.

Where to use Air Hogs Altitude Video Drone?

The drone is made to use indoors only. It has plastic blades, so it cannot do much damage. Within its core, the onboarded camera is protected with crash-resistant Material so you can fly it in your house without any fear.

But make sure not to fly near the fan, lamps, and other breakable things. And because of its limited range and lightweight, you can not use it outdoor. 

Best Gift For Children

The Air hogs altitude drone is specially designed for up to 8-year-old children to take their joy to the next level. The camera on its top gives it a more modern look. Also, Children can create their movies with its attached camera.

Furthermore, the controller is understandable and easy to use. The 8-year-old will quickly master it in a few trial runs. Moreover, if your child likes R/C toys, then this will be an excellent gift that makes your child happy.

+Plus Points
  • Easy to use
  • 3 Channel
  • Easy to set up
  • Gyro-stabilized
  • Easy to use
-Minus Points
  • Low Video Quality
  • Difficult to control in speedy wind
  • Limited Range
  • Non- Adjustable Camera

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