10 Best Wind Resistant Drones For Flying In High Winds 2024

Best Wind Resistant Drones

You may have heard that you cannot fly a drone in high winds, but is this true? In this post, I will show you the truth behind this mysterious statement.

Drones are becoming more and more popular day by day. But only because a drone is popular doesn’t indicate that it’s reliable for you. There will always be places where high winds are a factor, and that’s why it’s great to have some knowledge about what drones can do out in the wind.

Some people want to fly a drone and catch the excellence of the world from the air. There are several types of drones available, and many people are going towards drones that can fly in strong winds.

To learn the idea of drones for high winds. It is needed to know why they are vital to you. If you know you are performing to fly a drone in intense weather conditions. You should get the best drone that can bear weather conditions, that has a high value of durability, performance, and ventilation systems to maintain the temperatures and pressures within the body. Good knowledge and planning can keep you from wasting your money on low-quality drones.

However, This article is for drone enthusiasts who want to enjoy their hobby without the fear of getting hurt or having their investment damaged. We will cover and discuss the best wind resistant drones that can manage to fly in high winds.

List Of The Best Drones For High Winds

If you are in hurry or want to choose a drone quickly then here is the list of the top 10 best wind resistant drones for high winds.

Image Product Name Buy  
backpac DJI FPV Combo Check Price
backpac DJI Mavic Air 2  Check Price
backpac DJI Air 2S – Drone Check Price
backpac Autel Robotics EVO 2 Pro Check Price
backpac DJI Phantom 3 Professional Check Price
backpac SIMREX X20 GPS Drone Check Price
backpac Potensic Dreamer Pro Check Price
backpac SANROCK U52 Drone Check Price
backpac DJI Mavic 2 Pro Check Price
backpac Parrot PF728000 ANAFI Check Price

What Is The Best Drone For Windy Conditions 2024

Below I explained to you the best wind resistant drones that can handle high wind conditions well and fly within a certain radius so that you can capture those beautiful moments from a great distance without worrying about camera shake. If you are in a place where high winds can be an issue, then have a look at the latest wind-resistant drones.

1. DJI FPV Combo – First person view drone


  • Dimensions: 12.83 x 7.99 x 10.51 inches
  • Weight: 1.75 pounds
  • Flight Time: 15 – 20 Minutes Per Battery
  • Speed: 87.24 mph
  • Camera: 12 Megapixel
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: DJI

Key Specifications:

  • Level 6 Wind Resistance
  • 4k/60fps Camera
  • Emergency Brake and Hover
  • S Flight Mode
  • Low Battery RTH
  • 3.0 Transmission


When you are using a DJI FPV Combo drone, so you get an impressive flight experience. The super-wide 150° FOV you get to see inside offers an ultra-smooth, real-time view of your flight. Another great feature of this drone is that it will allow you to record 4K/60fps which is better than DJI Mini 2.

As we mentioned above, so it comes with advance and excellent safety features. Using this drone, you can use it even in high winds as inside you get to see the smart return home and low battery technology. Also, the obstacle sensing technology makes it stable inside the strong winds.

The unique feature of this drone is that it comes with a hybrid flight mode that will simplify manual control. Use this drone to enjoy crystal clear, low latency, and real-time video transmission. Also, the OCUSYNC 3.0 video transmission system allows you to transmit videos with a distance of 6.2 miles.

If you have a high budget, then DJI FPV Combo is an excellent choice for you.

  • Out of the Box Flying Performance
  • Not Required Smartphone for Flight
  • Electronic Stabilization and Gimble
  • GPS and Obstacle Detection Sensors
  • Excellent Video Quality
  • Durable and Lightweight Design
  • Expensive Drone
  • High Speed Need Safety Sometimes

2. DJI Mavic Air 2 – Perfect for beginners


  • Dimensions: 7.09 x 3.82 x 3.31 inches
  • Weight: 570 Grams
  • Flight Time: 34 minute
  • Speed: 42.5 mph
  • Camera: 48 Megapixel
  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: DJI

Key Specifications:

  • Level 5 Wind Resistance
  • Intelligent Tracking
  • 3 Axis Gimbal
  • 4K, 2.7K, FHD Video Quality
  • 3 Direction Obstacle Sensing
  • Spotlight 2.0
  • Active track 3.0


Get stunning results by using this DJI Mavic Air 2 drone with intelligent shooting modes. It provides you excellent and next-level performance as inside you get to see the powerful camera. The superb shooting mode and fantastic video quality turn your imagination into reality.

The great thing about this drone is that you can fly it in high winds for 34 minutes without hesitation. This drone is perfect for beginners as obstacle sensing in three directions technology makes it more convenient. Inside, you get to see the Active Track 3.0 technology to keep it stable in heavy winds. 

You get this Mavic Air 2 drone with a low noise propeller, remote control, and excellent batteries. You can control it in high winds by using your mobile, as it comes with the app compatibility feature. Moreover, this drone’s intelligent tracking feature allows you to lock the camera on the subject when you fly freely. 

Its weight only 20.1 Oz, it can fly at the maximum speed of 42.5 mph. Moreover, you can record 4K/60fps video using this drone and deliver a 1080p FHD resolution Livestream. In the end, it provides coverage while capturing the moments, and also you get overcharging protection by using this drone.

  • Comes with Intelligent Tracking Technology
  • Offers App Compatibility
  • Excellent Video Quality and Improved Content
  • Portable and Next Level Performance
  • Best Flight Time and Excellent Speed
  • Best Drone to Stay Stable Inside High Winds
  • Manufacture with Air Sense Technology
  • Not Offers 8K Video Technology
  • Maybe issue with Batteries.

3. DJI Air 2S – Best drone under $1000


  • Dimensions: 7.2 x 9.96 x 3.03 inches
  • Weight: 1.31 Pounds
  • Flight Time: 31 Minute
  • Speed: 42.0 mph
  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: DJI

Key Specification:

  • Level 5 Wind Resistance
  • 4 Directions of Obstacle Sensing
  • 5.4k Video Quality
  • 3 Axis Gimbal
  • 7.5 Miles Video Transmission Range


The feature that makes DJI Air 2S the best is that it is designed with the center of attention technology. Due to this, you get to see the feature that makes this drone breeze during flight. The Spotlight 2.0, Point of Interest 3.0 and Active Track 4.0 features follow or circle your subject.

As you are looking for a drone for high winds, we recommend you buy it due to its multiple specialties. The environment sensor technology of this drone allows it to perceive the environment in four attractions. It will actively avoid obstacles and you can easily use it at high speeds and in a complex scenario.

The camera you get to see inside the drone has a 1-inch image sensor that can record 5.4K/30fps and 4K/60fps video. Also, the unique and significant feature that makes it different from others is that it is made of advanced intelligent master shots technology. In addition, this drone for strong winds provides ultra-smooth, clear, and reliable image and video quality. DJI Air 2S is the best wind-resistant drone under 1000 dollars that will record up to 1 billion colors in a highly complex situation.

See why DJI Air 2S is best drone for 2022

  • Offers Durable and Robust Features
  • Comes with Automated Camera Shots
  • Decent HDR Video Quality
  • Obstacles Detection Technology
  • Air Sense Transponder Feature
  • 8GB Storage is Not Enough
  • Raw Images Don’t Transfer to Smartphone

4. Autel Robotics EVO 2 Pro – Easy to fly drone


  • Dimensions: ‎3.7 x 2.32 x 0.55 inches
  • Weight: 14.52 pounds
  • Battery: 7100 mAh (Additional 2 batteries in a bundle)
  • Flight time: 40 minutes
  • Speed: 46 mph
  • Color: Orange
  • Brand: Autel 

Key Specification:

  • 9KM Transmission range
  • 6K, 5.5K, 4K Video Quality
  • Omni directional obstacle avoidance
  • 35 minutes Hover time
  • 8 GB Built-in memory
  • 32GB SD card


The EVO 2 Pro drone is the most popular product of Autel Robotics. With an integrated full-HD camera that records 1080P/60fps videos. It is an easy-to-fly drone with many great features and a simple screen for users to control and monitor the drone.

It has an upgraded flight performance and maintained the popular design of the last version. With a new generation of altitude control and intelligent navigation, it can avoid obstacles and automatically hover and land at a specific location. With 40 minutes of flight time, this can fly at the speed of 44 miles per hour. It is not the most affordable drone, and the price reflects its high quality.

To perform several functions such as follow mode, orbit mode, capture waypoints, take pictures and videos, it is occupied with an intelligence system. It is the perfect tool for professionals, comes with a 1” CMOS sensor, and takes 20 Megapixel still images and 5472*3076 HDR video at 60 FPS with the 8GB onboard storage. Also, it has an optical flow sensor that can locate the target using an infrared LED light.

  • Obstacle avoidance system
  • Awesome video quality
  • RTH Feature
  • Great battery life
  • Easy to control
  • Good tech and customer support
  • Great quality
  • Solid for windy condition
  • Well built
  • Costly insurance as compare to DJI
  • Small remote controller

5. DJI Phantom 3 – Best drone for professionals


  • Dimensions: 36 x 24 x 24 inches
  • Weight: 18.95 Pounds
  • Flight Time: 23 Minutes
  • Speed: 16 m/s (ATTI mode)
  • Color: White
  • Brand: DJI

Key Specification:

  • 3-axis Gimbal
  • 4k UHD Video Quality
  • Aluminum Material Battery and Case
  • Vision Sensor for Indoor Flights


Now you don’t need to worry more to fly the drone inside the heavy winds because DJI Phantom 3 drone comes with stabilized 3-axis gimbal. The gimbal allows you to control the drone when it is flying inside the high winds. Also, its body is made of durable and strong aluminum materials that will prevent any accidental damages.

It is perfect for capturing different beautiful moments as its camera provides 4k UHD video recording. It offers you control over the transmitter. Also, the camera that you get to see on the top of the quadcopter comes with the feature of 720p HD app-based monitoring. However, It does not have built-in screen technology.

When you buy this drone so inside, you get to see the 2 flight batteries with the rechargeable remote control. When using this drone for strong winds, it will stay stable and continuously fly for 23 minutes. The unique feature of this drone is that you can also use it for indoor flight as you get to see the vision sensor inside the drone. In the end, choosing DJI Phantom 3 drone is the best choice for you as you get a radio controller, flight battery, charger, aluminum case with it.

  • Provide Decent Video Quality
  • Comes with Excellent Operating Range
  • Offers Battery Navigation Accuracy
  • Delivers Outstanding Communication System
  • Made of Durable Aluminum Body
  • Maybe Little Bulky
  • Not Comes with Built-In Screen Technology

6. SIMREX X20 GPS Drone – Best 4k drone


  • Dimensions: 9.06 x 8.78 x 4.25 inches
  • Weight: 2.81 Pounds
  • Battery: 3000 mAh
  • Flight Time: 30 Minutes
  • Flight Range: 500 Meters
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: SIMREX

Key Specification:

  • 4k Adjustable FPV HD Camera
  • Headless Mode
  • Auto RTH
  • 2 Axis Self Stabilizing


Inside these high winds drones, you get to see the battery is up to 3000mAh, allowing you to fly it for a long time. The great thing about this drone is that it offers you extensive flight experience as it reaches 500m control distance. Once you fully charged the battery, you can continuously use it for 30 minutes without any hesitation.

You don’t need to worry if you want to capture the moments in high winds because it has GPS location and auto return assistant technology. This technology keeps the drone stable and provides you accurate position. Also, the headless mode of this drone allows you to control it easier without losing the direction.

In terms of camera quality, you can record 4K HD videos using the 108°FOV adjustable FPV camera. It will capture high-qualities images and videos for memorable moments even in high winds and capture all the world in front of your eyes.

  • Offers Long Flight Time
  • Comes with Two Speed Modes Options
  • Made of Durable and Strong Materials
  • Provide 2-Axis Mechanical Gimbal
  • Excellent and Stunning Remote Control
  • Don’t Come with Propeller Guards
  • Maybe Not Easy to Fly for Beginners

7. Potensic Dreamer Pro – Best drone for adults


  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 13.25 x 8.25 Inches
  • Weight: 6.09 Pounds
  • Flight Time: 28 Minutes
  • Speed: 5m/s
  • Camera: 16MP
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Potensic

Key Specification:

  • 3 Axis Gimbal
  • 32 GB TF Card
  • 2Km Transmission Range
  • USB OTG Cable Connection
  • Brushless Motor
  • Portable Carry Case


Potensic Dreamer Pro drone provides you excellent control with the 4K/30fbs video quality. On the top of it, you get to see the 1/3-inch SONY CMOS sensor. Also, you can impressively capture the moments by using the 3-axis gimble, which makes it better than Potensic Dreamer 4k. Furthermore, When you put this drone on the fly, its excellent built quality makes it the best adult drone for high winds.

It is available for you in a big size and lightweight design that proves perfect to provide witty responses to various emergencies. It comes with a speed of 10m/s, and inside, you get to see the powerful brushless motors. These motors allow this 4k drone to stay stable inside any weather and record memorable moments.

You don’t need to worry about losing your drone as it comes with auto-return technology. You can easily set it up in just a few minutes. Also, you can easily carry it anywhere as it is a portable drone.

  • Comes with Best 3-Axis Stable Gimble
  • Decent and Excellent Video Quality
  • Offers 2KM Transmission Video Range
  • Big Size and Powerful Performance
  • Excellent Multi-Function 4K Drone
  • The Battery Charging Plug Fall Out Sometimes
  • The Remote-Control Range Could be Improved

8. SANROCK U52 Drone – Cheapest drone for high winds


  • Dimensions: 12.6 x 11.2 x 3.3 inches
  • Weight: 0.38 lb
  • Battery: 3.7V 1500 mAh
  • Flight Time: 13 Minutes
  • Camera: 1080P HD Camera
  • Color: White
  • Brand: SANROCK

Key Features:

  • 720p HD Video Quality
  • One Key Return Home
  • Altitude Hold
  • Gravity Sensor
  • 3D Flip
  • Headless Mode


First of all, the excellent feature of the SANROCK U52 drone that makes it different from others is that it comes with a camera with 360 features. Therefore, when the drone is flying in the high winds, you can easily define the exact flying route without hesitation.

In addition, inside, you get to see the advanced steady and intelligent alert technology. Due to this advanced technology, you can take high-quality, stable pictures even in high altitudes. Furthermore, it is easier to control than the other drones as inside, you get to see the full and low-speed options.

To keep it stable in heavy winds. It comes with high-ABS materials. You can safely fly this drone as its propeller comes with safeguards. Also, you get to see the start/landing options that will automatically land it or take it off on the top of it. However, its remote-control distance may disappoint you.

  • Steady and Intelligent Alert Technology
  • Easy to Control Feature
  • Offers Safe and Long Fly Time
  • WIFI HD Camera
  • Lightweight and Stunning Design
  • Offers Speed Adjustment
  • Remote Control Distance is Limited
  • Best in Heavy Winds But Not as Best as You Think

9. DJI Mavic 2 Pro – One of the best drone under $2000


  • Dimensions: 9.8 x 9.7 x 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 16 ounces
  • Flight Time: 31 Minutes
  • Speed: 44 mph
  • Camera: 20 Megapixel
  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: DJI

Key Specifications:

  • 3 Axis Gimbal Technology
  • 4K, 2.7K, FHD Video Quality
  • Hasselblad L1D-20c Camera 


DJI Mavic 2 Pro is one of the best wind-resistant drones under 2000 dollars with excellent cameras that will capture outstanding pictures. The camera has an adjustable aperture that will take HDR photos with fantastic color effects.

To control it, you need to attach your mobile phone to the remote control, and its remote has 135 continuous battery times. Moreover, its Active Track 2.0 and omnidirectional obstacle sensing function keep its position inside the worst weather conditions.

When you buy this drone, you get a 3-axis gimbal which is much better than DJI Mavic Mini that proves perfect for taking steady shots. It’s a lightweight drone with a 44-mph max speed and will stay 31 minutes continuously inside the air.

  • Comes with Adjustable Camera Aperture
  • Decent Videos and Picture Quality
  • Real-Time Auto-Switching Mode
  • Best to Perform in Strong Winds
  • Active Track 2.0 Technology
  • Provide Excellent Safety
  • Comes in Higher Price
  • Video Quality May Not Stable

10. Parrot PF728000 ANAFI – Best foldable drone


  • Dimensions: 9.4 x 6.9 x 2.6 inches
  • Weight: 1.56 Pounds
  • Flight Time: 25 Minutes
  • Speed: 33 mph
  • Camera: 21 Mega Pixel
  • Color: Dark Gray
  • Brand: Parrot

Key Features:

  • 4k HDR Camera
  • 2.8 Times Digital Zoom
  • Burst mode
  • Intelligent Li-Po Battery


Parrot PF728000 ANAFI comes with an ultra-compact and lightweight frame. You can use it in different modes like sports mode or standard mode, and it provides you 33 mph max speed. The camera you get to see on the top has an f/2.4 wide-angle ASPH lens that proves to be perfect for recording HD pictures and 4k videos. More you get the burst mode inside the camera, and you can take 10 photos per second. It is made of durable and robust PP materials that will easily withstand high winds. More you can fold the drone within 3 seconds that will make it portable, and you can carry it anywhere.

  • Lightweight and Foldable Drone Design
  • Excellent Camera with HDR Video Quality
  • Fast Mobile Application Support
  • Easy to Fly in Heavy Winds
  • Long 2700 MAH Battery
  • Not Comes with Obstacle Detection System
  • Zoom is Not Lossless

Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Drone For High Winds

If you want to buy a drone, you have to find out what kind of drone is best for your needs. A wind-resistant drone should able to stay stable in heavy winds and not get blown away easily. Following are some features that you should consider before purchasing a drone for high winds. 


Another important thing that you need to keep in mind before picking up a drone is staying stable inside the strong wind. On the other hand, if you buy a drone that won’t stay stable inside the high winds, it will damage your drone. Furthermore, when purchasing a stable drone, always keep in mind that it has a gyroscope inside. The gyroscope proves to be perfect for measuring the rate of rotation and keeping the drone stable. 

Battery life:

When you have a drone, the one thing you want to do is to stay in the air for as long as humanely possible. It is a part of a drone that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The battery power amount can calculate in terms of hours. The best batteries are small, lightweight, and have a high capacity to last for a long

In high winds, the drone will take more battery as compare to fly in regular winds. The different drone has different types of battery that you plug in and out and charges separately. 

It’s also vital to know battery life before because it has to land, which can vary depending on the wind conditions. Also, you need to make sure that your battery revives time is short enough, will not take too much time to charge the battery.


As you know, you are looking for the best drone that works well in strong winds, so it is necessary to keep in mind the drone’s speed. The drones come in a different range of speeds. When buying a drone, you are using in high winds, always buy it at 50 – 70 mph.


When you buy a drone that works well in high winds, it is imperative to buy a camera drone. There are many benefits to using a drone with a camera because it will allow you to capture various moments. In addition, most drones that have camera offers you long-range and record stable 4k videos and pictures will be preferred.

Drone range:

When you’re thinking about drones, you need to think about the limit. A Range of the drone is the distance between the drone and its intended target. 

The range is considerable since it enables the drone to cover places that a human cannot. But there is a specific amount range that varies from drone manufacturer. Even Long-range drones are not allowed to fly above 50 meters. First, for the range of the drone, you need to know where you’re going to fly. Second, you need to consider how far away your target needs to be.

Strong body:

One more important factor that you always keep in mind is the drone with a durable and robust body. The high winds cause to break the drone’s body, so before buying a drone, keep in mind that its body is made of solid materials. The drone made of aluminum, Thermoplastics, and corban fiber is beneficial to use in high winds.

Challenges You Can Face To Fly A Drone In High Winds

If you are going to fly a drone in strong winds, you need to make sure that you are well aware of how the wind can affect your drone and what you need to do that is it can fly safely. There is no best solution for every situation. No doubts, these are great fun to use but they can have serious outcomes.

A strong wind can cause your drone to become disoriented and even lose control. Also, it can make it difficult for you to control it. The expert recommendation is that a drone should be landed or flown over a larger body of water like a lake. There are some chances that dust, water, or snow could enter the casing and damage its components, so it should always have a protection system to protect it from harsh weather conditions. 

Tips To Avoid Crashing The Drone In High Winds

  • Try to avoid flying in very high winds because most of the time it will result in a crash.
  • Do not fly it in any place where the drone has no visibility whatsoever. In high winds, it is always better to fly toward the ground.
  • You should be aware of the laws and regulations for flying drones at your location and never fly near an airport without notifying air traffic control.
  • Don’t risk losing a camera in high winds by turning it around without its flaps raised.
  • A lightweight drone is perfect for flying around town or for birdwatching.


Hope that now you are well aware of all the best drone for high winds mentioned above. All of these drones have excellent features that will allow you to use them in high winds. Moreover, it will turn your normal experience to the next level because you can take high-quality images.

If you are still confused about which drone is perfect, we recommend DJI Mavic air 2. It may be a little expensive choice for you, but it is designed by keeping in mind all of your needs. Apart from this if you are low in budget than Sanrock U52 is perfect option for you.

In the end, we hope that this proves to be helpful for you and all your concern about choosing the best wind-resistant drone will go. 

Best Wind Resistant Drones FAQs

Many questions come to mind when you are looking drone for high winds. You may think that using the drone in strong winds may be difficult, but you don’t need to worry more. Here you get some of the questions with a detailed answer.

  1. How to fly a drone in strong winds?

    If you want to fly a drone in high winds, you need to use the ATTI or manual mode of the drone. However, before drone flying, you need to consider the speed of the wind. For example, if the wind speed is 25mph, you can fly the drone with a 5mph speed suitable for this wind speed. Moreover, you can adjust it as per your needs.

  2. How do drones handle bad weather?

    Drones that come with waterproof and windproof technology handle all types of weather perfectly. Inside the weatherproof drones, you get some incredibly waterproof materials that will keep it safe even inside the rain. Also, the windproof technology allows the drone to stay stable inside heavy rain.

  3. How winds affect the flight speed?

    The winds affect the flight speed in many terms. The straightforward answer is that when the wind is strong, the ground speed of the landing aircraft is low. Therefore, it is one of the big reasons that affect flight speed.

  4. What are the potential damages of a drone in bad weather?

    If you can fly the drone in high humidity, it will cause your drone to become damp and you get to see the water and moisture on the top of the drone that will cause damage. On the other hand, when you can use the drone in extreme cold weather, it will slow down the chemical reaction of the batteries. Therefore, your drone flies less time as compared to the traditional flight time.

  5. How to detect strong wind?

    It is not complicated to detect strong winds, and you can easily see them by using the anemometer. An anemometer looks like a weather vane and can use to measure the speed and direction of the wind.

  6. Is there any law on flying a drone in strong wind?

    The main rule of thumb when you fly the drone in the wind is that the wind is up to two-third of the maximum speed of the drone. Therefore, if you use a commercial drone, use it with a wind speed between 10 and 30 mph.

  7. Can drones fly in high windy conditions?

    Drones can fly in strong wind, but they are not as good. Many drone pilots do not realize they should operate a drone in strong winds or not. So, it is essential to know the physics and understand the best way to fly a drone in different types of wind and how they will affect your drone.

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