How To Find a Lost Drone – 12 ways to Find it Quickly and the Ultimate Guide to the Drone Owners

12 ways tp find a lost drone

If you lost your drone while flying, this article would help you find out your drone. Sometimes, you enjoy your drone flying, but you suddenly lose your drone somewhere. The reasons for the drone losing its path can be various, like technical errors, weather issues, battery loss, or other unidentified problems.

A drone can lose its track and stops communication, with and without a tracker. Both ways can help you find out your favorite drones. You have to follow few steps to recover your lost drones. Almost thirty percent of drones lose their customized path. Many agencies worldwide are working to facilitate drone lovers and help for drones’ safety. That is means, if you have a drone, get prepared to lose its communication.

However, there are multiple ways to detect the location of your lost drones.

How to Find Lost Drone? Here we have suggested 12 ways to find out your lost drones.

After done a lot of research and read the experienced drone pilot’s journey, below we have discussed the 12 ways to find the lost drone.

Option of ”Return to Home.”

When you try to search for your lost drone, click the button, “Return to home.” This button will make you wait for few moments then it will process to find your drone. You can also move cursors up and down or left and right to make it fly even from a distant place.

You will see the distance numbering on your remote’s screen that will guide you about the location of your drone. If your drone does not come applying this method, there are many other ways too.

Usage of the Remote Control

drone remote control

You can easily find out your drone using the remote control. The remote control works when you are connected to the drone or standing nearby to a drone. Otherwise, finding a drone with remote control is difficult. You should also know the last drone position in your modern remote control, and this location will make it easy for you to find out your drone by reconnecting it again.

In case of a crash landing somewhere, your drone will make a beeping and lighting beam that can guide you while using the remote control. If your drone is connected to your remote control or having a battery, you can quickly relocate your drone.

Option of “Find My Drone”

If your drone’s battery is dead and not connected to the remote control, this feature is incredible to find out your drone. The “Find my drone” option is in DJI drones only, but you can find this feature in your apps or other drones. This feature will relocate your lost drone. This incredible feature will connect to the last GPS signals of the lost drone then it will access the drone by its innovative technology. It will connect the previous location with the current location then it will send you a signal from beep sound and light flashing.

When the drone is at a high altitude, this incredible feature allows the drone to return to you with a safe landing. This app connects to the exact route through GPS services and initiates the procedure of searching. You can use this app automatically or by manual use. Unfortunately, this function is not available in all drones and all controllers.

“Flight logs” feature, from the Drone App

This incredible feature in your drone app can help you relocating your drone. The Flight logs option gathers information from the satellite despite having a lost connection. This feature identifies the last location of the drone. You can easily see that this feature forms a triangular structure on the remote to show you the previous site. It will create blue dots of your location and red dots of the drones’ location

Through Light and beep sound

For relocating your drone, sound and the light can help you by using the remote control. When you start searching your drone, go to the small up and down button by pacing forward. If your drone is nearby, it will catch the signals and make a sound and light beam. So, follow the sound and light, and find your drone with this easy step.

Lost Drone Advertisement

advertisment of lost drone

You can post advertisements or posters for your lost drones just like you post for your favorite lost pets or cars. This can enhance the chances of easy finding out your drone with the assistance and cooperation of people.

The option of the online market

Try the online market sites if you have lost a drone and do not hope to find it through technical ways. When someone finds out about such accessories, they try to sell them online. Check all famous websites and e-commerce sites to search for your drones.

Contact the seller

When you lost your drone, you can contact your seller or the website where you had purchased the drone. They have complete model information and a description of the product. They can help you out with this process.

The assistance of the professionals:

Professionals and drone experts can help you search for your lost drones by turning them on or tracking the last GPS location of the drone. Using innovative technology, skilled professionals can relocate your drones.

Through Blades

The blades of the drones are pretty sharp. Moreover, high-speed and dynamic motors make them further sharp. Follow the cutting trees or shrubs from those extra sharp blades and powerful engines when searching your drone. This way can lead you to relocate your lost drone.

The help of other drones

With the assistance of another drone, you can search for your lost drone. The new drone will detect the location of the lost drone by sending signals to it.

Reporting Police

Reporting police is the last step to finding out your drone if you failed to do all technical and manual procedures.

Things you should avoid to do after losing your drone

When you lost your drone, you get fussy and try to take action immediately. If you lost communication with your drone, you must not do anything in a hurry. One of the best-recommended things we will tell you that do not to turn off your remote control.

Your remote control is the blessing after losing the drone. It can help you quickly relocating your drone. Turning off can make it difficult for you to find out your lost drone. When you lost the communication of GPS services from your drone, remote control instantly helps to send you signals to follow the lost track. Moreover, if your drone has low power, the remote control will help bring it back to you by reconnecting it to the map.

How to find a lost drone with a drone tracker?

Buying a tracker along with buying a drone is one of the wisest decisions. A GPS tracker helps a drone stay at its accurate location even at a height or a distance. When it lost the signals and GPS services, the tracker helps the drone reconnecting to the satellite map and sends you the signal.

On the other hand, the drones which have the 3G connectivity or other maps connection, the chances of finding those drones become low. These methods are also expensive, not reliable, and less effective. You cannot trust these ineffective methods with your favorite and expensive drones.

With the extreme weather conditions, technical error, large distancing, and speed, you can easily be lost your connection with the non-tracker services. So, go and buy a GPS tracker if you do not have purchase it yet.

These trackers are economical and effective in any environment and altitude. You can also visit the aerospace drones if you have lost your drone to recover it by getting useful apps from here. Some methods can help you find out your drone with tracking services.

The Option of “Return to Home” is one of the fun and straightforward experiences for drone owners. If you have a tracker in your drone, this feature can bring back your drone from anywhere.

Find my mobile is an incredible feature in a few drones, but this feature can quickly relocate your lost drone. This helps to find out the drone’s old location and then connect it to you by the beeps of sound and the lights flash.

Furthermore, the Flights log is the other most incredible feature of the drones with the tracker. It makes a blue and red dot triangle on your remote control that helps guide you to the lost drone’s exact location.

9 Methods to find a Lost Drone without a Drone Tracker

If you do not have a GPS tracker in your lost drone, we have the best suggestions for you.

1. Do not turn off your controller

When you search for your drone, the foremost step is not turning off the remote control. The remote control plays a vital role in detecting the lost drone. So, never turn it off. To locate the drone, keep the controller in the metal pot. It will communicate faster to the satellite map and send the signal to the lost drone. So, you can follow the detected direction of the remote control.

2. Press the Return to Home Button

The option of “Return to home” plays a vital role in detecting the lost drone. This option gives a safe and automatic landing to the drone. So, if your controller is not off and the battery is not dead, this feature will quickly relocate your drone within few minutes. The thing you need to do is walk closer to the drone’s last location to connect it with the remote control.

3. The assistance of another drone to locate the lost drone

The new drone can help to find the missing drone. The second drone catches signals of the crash or lost drone. It receives information with the help of satellite tracking. Moreover, the high-quality camera of the second drone can capture clear images of the crash drone in the bushes and thick grass. That can help to track the old drone.

4. See your drone last location

The remote control can tell the last location of the missing drone. In case of low battery or weak GPS signals, the controller can detect the previous location of your lost drone due to its durable battery. Thus, the last area can give you actual hints of your drone’s presence anywhere. If your drone crashes somewhere, you can manually search it through its old location.

5. Monitor the digital data: Check telemetry information

You can quickly gather information about the missing drone through your mobile phones, PCs, or remote controller. When your drone starts dislocating, your digital devices help collect the information from its flying point to its last point. Moreover, it tells the accurate distance, altitude, speed, and battery time of the drone. Thus, this feature is helpful in this regard.

6. Screen Capturing

This procedure is one of the effective procedures for drone relocation. This option is linked with the drone cameras. The last capturing of the images and the screen tell you the exact location of the missing drone.

7. Searching at Night

find a lost drone in night

Searching the missing drone at night is also helpful if you fail to find it in the daylight. The logic behind this is you can easily follow the clear beep sound and flashlight of the drone. The night is quiet and peaceful, while you can see the flashlight and beeps from the noisy areas in sunlight. Moreover, if your drone has crashed, you can see the collision lights in the dark. Thus, searching at night is one of the great options to explore the missing drone.

8. Reporting Procedure

drone lost police report

If every method fails to search your lost drone, this is also one of the accurate methods you can try to find out your drone. You can report your missing drone to the nearby Police station. You can also post anything about the lost drone on social media or Facebook. Moreover, your neighbors can help you searching your missing drone. With the help of posters and other advertising methods, you can find out your drone. Furthermore, FAA in the US and other agencies worldwide and private companies like airmap provides their services to find out your registered lost drones.

Reasons why Drones Get Lost

You will think that why the drones do lose their path? So, do not worry, this article will answer all your queries in detail. If you have lost your drone, you should follow the proper procedure to find your drone. The accurate methods can help you find out the drones. Here we have the answer that in the first place, why do you lose the drones.

Connectivity Issues due to multiple reasons

Your drone should have lost the connectivity with the GPS, or it should have a low or dead battery. That is why your drone does not come back. A loss of connection can crash your drone due to high altitudes or poor connectivity. Moreover, GPS services can sometimes fail, which becomes a reason for missing your drone.

Technical error or any Fault

Techinal error in drone

Your drones can lose communication with you due to technical errors, interference, or human errors. There can be any error that can disrupt the communication process between you and your drone. So, you should identify the exact fault; you can go for the solution. Sometimes, sellers hand over the defective drones to you. If you found this error, contact the seller immediately.

Weather Condition or challenging terrains

The severity of weather or challenging terrains can be lost your drone signals and their connectivity. The navigation can become hard in the challenging terrains for those drones to return safely to home.

The sea, deserts, humid areas, or thick bushes can become a hurdle between you and your drone’s smooth flight. Moreover, at high altitudes and extreme weather conditions, your drone can lose its track.

A Guide to the Drone Owners: How to Avoid Your Drone Being Lost

It is hard to lose your favorite flying toy drone, being a drone owner. Here we have suggested the best advice for you for the safety of your drone.

Here are the following guide for drone owner to avoid their drones from losing the track;

Prepare Yourself

Before buying the drone, always get prepared that you may lose this drone. So, be ready and think of the best plan to avoid its loss. This making of mind prevents the fussy and confused behavior at the time of losing the drone.

Screen Capturing of the footage

When you start shooting your drone camera, always turn on the screen capturing feature of your drone. This captures the last location before losing track. So, you can easily find out your drone.

Get ready while flying in difficult terrains

If you are adventurous and want to fly your drone in risky areas like oceans, mountains, thick woods, or anywhere, always make your mind about the upcoming risk of losing track or crashing the drone. Moreover, try not to fly your drone in extreme weather or at night.

Purchase a tracker

A GPS tracker can quickly locate your drone from anywhere with simple steps. So, always have a GPS tracker or purchase it. This GPS tracker helps to find your drone flying at high altitudes and in bad weather.

Get the relevant Apps and Features

Downloading the tracking apps like, Find my Drone app can guide your drone accurately to find its way to return. Similarly, having the Return to Home option can play the same role in producing your drone back safely. You can also get professional advice from the NATS airspace to locate your drone.

Stay in Sight

Try to stay in sight when you fly your drone. Do not speed it up so high, or do not fly it in difficult areas where you can see it with your eyes. Always keep the speed limit and its range legally.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What is the best way to find a drone when it is lost? 

You can find out your drone using the Find My App feature in your controllers. This incredible feature helps you find out your missing drone at a high altitude and challenging terrain. You can have this app on your mobile phone, PC, or remote controls.

Q2. What is the best way to track a lost drone?

You can track your drone using innovative technology and advanced sensors. These sensors are called RF sensors that are best communicating features or tracking your drone’s location. These sensors connect to the GPS and detect the last accurate location of your drone.

Q3. Is there an app to detect drones?

Many private companies have introduced detecting apps for the missing drones. You can easily purchase those apps from reliable companies on your cell phones or controller to see the location of your drone.

Q4. Can I keep a drone I found?

Many states have different laws related the drones. It is said that 30 percent of drones lost their way, but no one can fly them without registration and permission. The missing drones are the property of someone, and no one can use them or keep it according to the law.

Summary on How to find a lost drone

Being a drone owner, losing your drone is one of the worst things you may have experienced. So, if you are a drone owner or fly a drone for fun, this article will help you and guide you with every detail about the drones. This article will guide you to follow practical ways to keep your drone safe from losing.

If you have lost your drone, this will give you tips to recover your missing drone. Thus, do not worry if you are facing a difficult time finding your drone. Just keep your controller turn on and follow the above described easy steps. Moreover, get relevant apps and features to keep your drone safe from any damage or loss.

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