Swift Stream Z-9 Camera Drone Review 2024

swift stream z-9 camera drone

The Swift stream Z9 camera drone offers multi-features with its many abilities to provide you with accurate and stable flight performance for both indoor and outdoor flight.

Swift Stream Z-9 Camera Drone Review


It has a superior design, and this model comes in both white and black, so it’s up to you which colour you like the most. Its blades feature in white and red colour. All the combinations of colours give it pretty cool looks.

It is considered a medium-sized drone; its dimension is 12.4 x 12.4 x 3.7 inches. The body of the swift stream z9 drone is made of plastic, so try to avoid a hard landing.

Furthermore, its weight is 4.8 ounces, which is useful because a lightweight drone is easy to hold. Moreover, it provides blade guards that give your safety in the term to hit with your hand and protects it from damages during crashes with walls.


It comes with 0.3Mp attached camera to record videos and take pictures as well. And the more valuable part is that you can see the real-time video on your smartphone with its built-in wifi.

To access the live footage, all you have to do is download its app, which is readily available free for both android and apple devices. You can also use the QR code.

But unfortunately, camera quality is not so good to record professional videos and photos. However, you can use it to do surveillance missions around your house and record your footage for fun. Besides this, it includes a 2MB memory card to save all data.

How To Make A Video With Swift Stream Z9 Camera Drone


The drone is equipped with a 3.7 V 500 mAh rechargeable battery, which provides built-in overcharge protection. Speaking of its flight and charging time, the drone can provide 7 minutes of flying time and take up to 2 hours to fully charge, which is very high compared to its alternative. Furthermore, the faster you operate it, the faster it will run out of battery.

Remote Control

The Swift stream z-9 camera drone is a quick action drone that provides a fast response with its 2.4GHz remote control frequency, which offers five-channel control to perform aerial stunts. One of the bonus point of the remote control is that you can fly up to four drones at one time.

As for its range, the drone can fly up to two hundred feet. Also, the controller provides two flight modes, beginners and advanced. Try to fly it in beginner mode at the start; with this, you will be an expert of it in a short time, and then you should move into an expert mode to enjoy a more fun flight.

With it, you can perform 360-degree flips, flies forward, backward, and side to side. An LCD screen is available in it to read all your flying. To use it, you need a 2AAA battery, but you cannot get this in its package. Also sometimes it is difficult to sync with a drone.

Where To Fly Swift Stream Z-9 Camera Drone?

This drone performs well in both indoor and outdoor. But before flying it in windy and crowded areas, make sure you have full control over it.

There is no need to avoid flying it at night because it is mounted with eight built-in lights that help you fly safely.

Final Verdict

I hope this Swift stream z-9 camera drone review helps you if you are thinking of buying it. This drone offers excellent features and contains more pros than cons. My personal opinion about this is that it is a great drone.

But if you plan to use its camera to shoot professional videos, this drone is not for you. However, if you want a drone just for fun; this thing is loaded with fun.

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